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Ok, I’m terrible at explaining things; I barely understand how to do anything myself. 

You should be able to just hit cancel or x it and then just try reopening the game again, just make sure steam itself is still on, and that you are opening it from the game folder itself. 

Or just open steam from your desktop, then go into the game folder and open the game from the exe. I don’t get the flag if steam is already open.

What I mean by patched launcher is that if you did the Disable EAC correctly you should have replaced the original “jump_force.exe” with the patched one you get from the download.

Your second screen shot only shows the overall folders for your mods, I.E. shaggy. Within each though you need to have two files with the same name, one .pak and one .sig

I suggest you temporarily move your mods somewhere else and first see about getting past the EAC, when that works and your able to open the game then one at a time test your mods to find out which one is causing the crash

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