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      Just going there to suggest a thing I doubt we’ll ever have in game : the option to re-do story missions, a bit like in Xenoverse or in Fighter Z ?I don’t know if a mod could do this… But it would be awesome. Granted the story isn’t I’m willing to commission for this.

      The second request is… Probably going to be a surprise, but could we have Director Glover – I mean GLOVER, not Dr Manhattan – as a mod ? And also maybe the three characters only currently usable via cheatengine, being added into the game as mods so you don’t have to use Cheatengine everytime. (In addition, for some reason it makes my game crash)

      Please wp me if you feel up to the task but would like to be commissionned!

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      Jay Kurokashi

      So mod character ideas for Jump force

      Geno (Super Mario rpg)

      Yukiko Amgai (Persona 4)


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      omar alasefr
      If you can
      I hope you will be able to transform the characters created by the player I think this idea will attract players
      Thank you
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