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    The DB-Revised Project is essentially a Mod-Project I started in an attempt to make the Dragon Ball Characters look much better than what they do in the game, as I personally find their models to be the absolute worst.

    This Mod for the Project is a simple Retexture Mod for Perfect Cell, making him closer to his actual Manga Color Scheme, seeing how Jump Force is at its core a Manga-Based Game. The mod also removes a part of his Normals on the head, which just outright looked weird (Check Comparison Image)

    This Mod includes Edited UI as well, to better match his new textures.

    More will come of this project, so stay tuned for more Mods coming soon! Enjoy!

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  • speaker_notes Installation

    Extract the .rar file in your JUMP FORCE/JUMP_FORCE/Content/Paks/~mods directory.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 - Initial Release