Doom Guy by Silver

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  • descriptionDescription

    We got Master Chief,We got Goblin Slayer,it's time for Doom guy to gun his way into the fight!

    Although it replaces Cell,I intend to change UI and maybe even voices,I didn't want to replace the other two so then for right now you can have a team of armored dudes!




  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Simple way you should know by now.



    Step 1:  - Make a ~mods folder in your paks folder in the Jump force game files.

    Step 2: drag and drop the folder in.

    Step 3: play the game.

  • event_noteChangelog



    -Added Doom guy

    -Works perfectly with damage too



    Upcoming features:

    -For some reason the Shadow is not working,I will fix that.

    -Maybe voices

    -UI elements

    -If things change,give him Ryo Saeba moveset with weapons too.