Epic SoundTrack (JJBA, BHA, Goblin Slayer, and more…)

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    Boku no Hero Academia OST - "Villains Theme"

    Darling in the Franxx OST - 06 BEAST

    Bloody Stream - Coda (JJBA OP2)

    Noragami Ost - Misogi

    Dragon Ball Super OST - The Power To resist

    Goblin Slayer OST - Battle Urge

    The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes OST - Ketsui no Tatakai

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable OST - Interception

    And more...

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Open your JUMP_FORCEContentSoundStreaming folder
    > Copy the exisiting 900000_ResidentBGM.awb in there to some other place to have as a backup.
    > Drag ther new 900000_ResidentBGM.awb file into the folder and replace the existing one.
    > Enjoy


    If you're playing on a legit copy of Jump Force:
    Keep in mind that (at least for me) this doesn't work online. If you're playing the legit latest version of jump force,
    you'll have to make sure EAC (Easy Anti Cheat) is disabled before you play with your new sounds. And because EAC is disabled,
    DON'T try to play online. If you want to play online, make sure EAC is enabled and you have the ORIGINAL 900000_ResidentBGM.awb
    file in your folders.

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