Marge face for CaC’s

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chevron_right Marge face for CaC’s
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    This was chosen because of a poll on my Twitter, so this is all your fault.
    Simply replaces the 28th (last) slot in the "eyes" category.
    Yes, there's a few issues: 
    A) There's some holes in the neck for both... but I actually have no clue what’s going on with the neck, it’s fine in Blender so hmm.
    B) Eyes can't change color due to how it works with the model, so you're stuck with the default gray eye. I'll try to find a fix for this.
    C) Hair clips a lot, however that's just do to the head shape, I'd have to remake it from scratch to fix this.
    D) Eyebrows and most facepaints are a mess due to how it's UV'd, and I can't really do that without re-uv'ing.
    E) I care about this meme less then I do Badman 1.0.
    F) You are legally obligated to @ me on Twitter if you use this with a picture of your CaC (@UltIMa647).

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