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      Hello all i wanted to give you all a cool (i think) idea for better realistic gameplay where your created character can get his clothes destroyed/torn

      i dont have idea about moding so i think i will cant help you with this task but if this is possible, if someone can make mod like this i think almost every one will be thankful

      for mod like this i think its a good idea to make something like that when you fight because normal characters does have destructible clothing and we can wear their clothing (with different colors and the same as original) so why cac characters cant get their clothes destroyed they could just add the same effects for cac clothes like for a normal characters, if somebody know how to make something like this please unite and make mod like this for all the gamers that want to feel the battle, feel the damage that we take in game, feel the power that is coming on us.

      Thank you <3 and sorry for my English 

Viewing 0 reply threads
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