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    The information for swapping movesets is from Buscaglia Lean on the Discord. 
    .bms and u4pak are from the sites Discord as well. 

    List of programs you will need.
    Unpack with QuickBMS. https://aluigi.altervista.org/papers/quickbms.zip
    You’ll need the script to do so. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/544972647579123732/550439269488001025/unreal_tournament_4.bms
    Then you will need a Hex Editor, I used HxD. https://mh-nexus.de/en/downloads.php?product=HxD20
    Then you will need u4pak to repack the files. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/544972647579123732/547224589114015764/u4pak.rar

    Ok, first thing you need to do is upack the games files, for this you will use Quickbms.
    Open quickbms_4gb_files.exe, it will open a command window, then a file window.
    The first file it wants is the script, “unreal_tournament_4.bms”. Then it will ask for the file you want unpacked, “pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor.pak”. Last it will ask you for the folder you want it to place the unpacked files.
    After this it will return to the command window and ask for the “variable KEY”, you will want to type 0 then hit enter. After this it will begin unpacking, this will take a while, so find something to do while you wait.

    Now that you have the files, you’ll need the ID of the character you want to use and replace.  http://animegamemods.net/thread/3722/character-code-ids?page=1&scrollTo=30389   

    For this example, I will be using Kenshin so ID 0380 and CAC Male-C, 1940.   

    You will find the files you need in “JUMP_FORCEContentGame” and will need 6 of them. 

    • chr****_action.uasset
    • chr****_action.uexp
    • chr****_anim.uasset
    • chr****_anim.uexp
    • chr****_frmd.uasset
    • chr****_frmd.uexp 

    So grab these for the moveset you want to use and copy/paste into a new folder to work on them. 


    Alrighty, now we need to modify the files so that the game will read them as the CAC moveset.    

    You will need to open the .uasset files with the Hex Editor.  Then you will need to open the corresponding .uasset files for the moveset that you are replacing.  

    For this example

    • chr0380 _action.uasset and chr1940 _action.uasset
    • chr0380_anim.uasset and chr1940_anim.uasset
    • chr0380_frmd.uasset and chr1940_frmd.uasset


    In the new moveset file, find the section that directs to the ID.  In this example, I’ll use action.uasset, you’ll want to find this line /Game/Game/chr0380_action.  See Image 1 and 3.   

    The highlighted area is the section you are looking for, please be aware that there may be a a difference depending on the moveset.  It may be a few shorter or longer so you can’t just edit a specific line and row for every moveset.

    Now, find the same lines in the CAC moveset, highlight and copy that section from the CAC file.  See image 2 and 4.   

    Paste the highlighted sections from the CAC file to the new moveset’s file.  The text that you pasted will appear red, see image 5.    

    Now do the same with anim.uasset and frmd.uasset.  See image 6 and 7. 


    That’s the hard part done, now just rename the 6 files to the ID of the CAC moveset you are replacing.  In this example, chr0380 to chr1940.  

    The Hex editor may have created backups of the files you modified, you’ll want to move or delete those as well.


    Ok, we’re almost done, now you’re going to need u4pak.    

    Open u4pak.rar and drag the contents to a folder, you’ll notice that it contains a folder titled “JUMP_FORCE”, that is because you still need to maintain the file structure so “JUMP_FORCEContent”.   

    You’ll want to make a new folder in Content, labeled Game and move the 6 renamed files into that.  “JUMP_FORCEContentGamechr1940_action.uexp”. 

    Now back to the folder u4pak is in.  Grab “JUMP_FORCE” and drag it into Repack – copia.bat, it has to be in the same folder as “JUMP_FORCE” or it doesn’t work.  

    It will make a file “pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor”, you’ll want to rename that to “pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor_P”.   


    And you’re done.   

    Make a folder in ~mods named to represent what it does, move the file into that folder, copy “pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor.sig”, move it to the mod folder and rename “pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor_P.sig”   

    Now boot up the game and give it a test.

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    Still haven’t been able to make it work for me :pensive: I keep getting that stupid error >__>

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    I made a video, hopefully that will help people that are having a little bit of trouble.  
    Part 1 – https://youtu.be/fcZdyLBQBSA 
    Part 2 “Testing the mod.” – https://youtu.be/ZpJE9kA7L8I

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    Link went wrong, really need an edit button.
    Part 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpJE9kA7L8I&t

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    Ok, come on now. That’s not funny.
    That was part 2, apparently my computer really thinks you should only watch pat 2.
    Part 1 triple checked – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcZdyLBQBSA&t

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    Ahhh! Thabk you so much! I work better with visuals, I really appreciate your time and effort!

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    Q_Q I keep running into the same error when trying to copy over Killua’s moveset to F!cac type-A arghhhh I don’t really know what’s wrong.

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    Sometimes, the new moveset can have a longer..file path? than the CAC.
    In these instances you have to copy a few more, essentially blanks “…” from the CAC code to make sure you have completely removed the original link.
    For example, if the new moveset was …123456789… and the CAC moveset is …12345678…, you would need to copy “.12345678..” instead of “.12345678.” to make sure that you overwrote the “9” from the end of the new movesets code.
    Maybe this is the case with this moveset and you didn’t notice.

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    well i tried to swap moveset with kakashi…..everythingh worked except the ultimate move and kamui shuriken.Any suggestions?

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    I created Naruto’s Moveset for Female A, but it crashes everytime i want to test it, ugh…

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      Ok, nevermind that, i just forgot to rename the files, it worked, but when it has to multiplicate with the kage bunshins, well it crashes, anyone alive still in here that knows how to fix that?

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