4 Movesets – Winsmoke Sanji, Ryo Saeba, Sasuke Uchiha, Shishio Makoto

  • descriptionDescription

    Mods changing the movements of the Avatar.
    Makoto Sishio - Male B
    Ryo Saeba - Female B & D (Abilities work exclusively on type D, on other types, unfortunately does not work.)
    Sasuke Uchiha - Female A
    Winsmoke Sanji - Male A


    Sasuke - Female D

    Possible bugs.

    Shishio’s movement has some awakened abilities better used at a distance, or else your opponent will fall underground, as well as some
    abilities may work inappropriately.

    With Saeba’s movement (With abilities), almost ALL awakened abilities can crash the game with the exception of the following - “Battle Sorrow”, “Perfume Femur”, “Godspeed Flash of the Heavenly Hovering Dragon”, “Godspeed Bolt”, the rest lead to crash. If you see the beginning of the X-Y-Z animation, then it’s better to close the game

    In the Sasuke movement, some abilities break down and some awakened abilities can crash the game, if you see the beginning of the animation like Sasuke, it is better to close the game.

    With the Sanji movement, some abilities can break and look buggy. Otherwise, everything works adequately.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Just transfer the folders from the archive to the "~ mods" folder

  • event_noteChangelog

    Added Sasuke Movement to Female D.
    Added Amaterasu (Female D)

    Fixed Sasuke awakened the ability on Fem D.

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