CaC Eye Pack 1.4 – Sharingan / Sage Mode / Rinnegan / Hollow / Boruto / Goku

  • description Description

    CaC Sharigan Eye's first Awakening

    CaC Mongekyou Sharigan Second Awakening

    CaC Kakashi Sharigan

    CaC Rinnegan

    Cac Sage Mode

    CaC Boruto's Eye

    CaC Bleach Hollow Eyes

    CaC Goku's Eyes

    Includes UI Change in CaC Menu

    Replace's Pupil Slot3 - 

    Replace's Pupil Slot4 - 

    Replace's Pupil Slot 5 - 

    Replace's Pupil Slot 7 - 

    Replace's Pupil Slot 10 - 

    Replace's Pupil Slot 12-

    Replace's Pupil Slot 13-

    Replace's Pupil Slot 14 - 


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Requires EAC Disabled 


    Drag and Drop to




    If Loading issue's Try removing the _P from .pak / .sig 


  • event_note Changelog

    1.0  Stage 1 Sharigan Replace Pupil Slot 5



    Added CaC UI

    Added Mongekyou Sharigan 

    Added Sage Mode

    Added Rinnegan 



    Added Boruto's Eye

    Added Hollow Eye's



    Added Goku's Eyes

    Added Kakashi Sharigan


    Loading Fix / Game Update Fix




    Unsure? if you want anything let me know