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    It was a shame Jump Force wasn't released with an English Dub, no disrespect to the legendary Masako Nozawa but Sean Schemmel will always be Goku in my heart.

    I took voice clips from Xenoverse 2 and Dragonball FighterZ for Goku's Voice.
    I also muted all of the Japanese lines while I figure out how to fit the rest of the grunting noises without breaking the file....

    I plan on trying to Dub all of the Dragonball Z Characters (including Goku Black) so stay tuned!


    • Add in the Grunts/Yelling noises when Goku Attacks/Gets Hit
    • Fix some of the audio clips getting cut off during Special Moves
  • speaker_notesInstallation
    • Unzip the File
    • Drag the folder into JUMP_FORCE/Content/Paks/~mods *(If the "~mods" folder does not exist, create it)


  • event_noteChangelog


    • Initial Release