Sage Mode Naruto

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    Long time no see: So I am back to modding here again, I stopped posting for quite a while. Doing these mods do take time out of my hands and modding JF isn't exactly as simple as a quick import. So to compensate for the time lost and to keep me motivated to make these for yall I decided to open a Patreon. 

    I am sorry these mods wont be free anymore from my side but I have tried to make the price very fair. I will not charge normal DLC  price(3$) seeing as my mods aren't as good as the official products. But I will release in quantity meaning for 2$ a month you'd get all current mods from me. I already have 4 mods on patreon including this one all of which you would get. 

    Thanks for making it this far and if you do decide to support me and get the mods then Enjoy!

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Same as always.

    Unzip the zip file and drag the folder inside in to your ~mods folder. Which should be located here:

    C:Program Files (x86)steamappscommonJUMP FORCEJUMP_FORCEContentPaks~mods

    If you don'y have a ~mod folder then you have to make one.